Tensions between Locked and Generative smart phones

Got to love the 11.55pm dead line for uploading assessments to moodle. I am seeing a stream of posts come through prior to this time limit. Thank you moodle and especially WordPress, a great example of open user generative empowerment.

Going to be blatantly honest here, but I was feeling quite uninspired when it came to finally creating this post. I sat in the kitchen explaining the concepts to my family and I think that they were in disbelief that I (an avid pro apple consumer) was suddenly considering convert to Android (queue the dun dun dunnnnn).

They questioned my motives and asked why I would trait. Personal Ideology.

Then it clicked to me. Maybe I can create a prezi to do more than summarise my lecture and show understanding, but to really prove my point. So here you go mum, Zoe, Eva and Will. This one’s for you:



4 Replies to “Tensions between Locked and Generative smart phones”

  1. Nice, clear comparison between the two major phone platforms. It’s great how you got straight into the ideologies and affordances behind each platform rather, that’s what the subject’s all about 🙂


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