Snapchat User Interaction

Bless snapchat.

Why, you ask?

Well admit it. We are all engaged in such a participatory culture in social media. Snapchat is a prime example. In fact, they bring it to a whole new level thanks to this function.

In about two weeks I will be home trying to make the most of my mid semester break (sleeping, socialising and obviously not drinking).
And I can almost guarantee that Snapchat will harshly remind me of something happening in the Colorado Desert – Coachella.

Thanks to Snapchat’s feature “our story” I am pretty certain that I will see what is going on at the festival and internalise my emotions about not being able to attend (this will consist of crying like a little brat).

The Snapchat feature makes you feel like you are right there in the moment thanks to all the hundreds of snaps people are sharing to the world, enabling new forms of content creation.

So thank you in advance to every one that will be attending Coachella and snapping along the way, I’ll basically be there without paying a cent. Much appreciated!


4 Replies to “Snapchat User Interaction”

  1. this is exactly what i am going through right now! crying like a little brat because Coachella is happening without me, yet is constantly there on my snapchat. very well done writing an extremely relevant post two weeks in advance!


  2. Snapchat live stories are the best and worst thing ever, when there is a really good event on and you get to watch live updates from normal people, celebrities, etc you feel more involved (or the complete opposite lol). This also is extremely relevant now to the citizen journalism topic. Another great post Mia!

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