When it comes to finding a way to define transmedia I couldn’t have thought of a better example than Youtube personality Cherylyn Barnes.

Cherylyn Barnes uses her channel to post about various debacles happening in her life. She may not have a fancy set up or top quality cameras but she does have entertaining drama! Cherylyn shines a light on her life issues with cut throat honesty and typical ‘strayan larrikin sense of humour. See for yourself below.

So how is Cherylyn a perfect example of transmedia? Cherylyn has spanned out to Twitter, Vines, Instagram, live shows and Facebook encouraging wide audience involvement. This wide audience engagement proposes a cross marketing effect enabling various entry points to her franchise, in turn creating quite a fan base and following.

I found out about Cherylyn by laughing at her lack of grammar skills in a Facebook post of hers that a friend liked.  And now I am a cult Cherylyn fan too, following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The power of transmedia through social media eh?

Audience engagement is critical in growing through transmedia platforms and Cherylyn has nailed this. This is displayed in the following trilogy of Youtube clips recounting Cherylyn’s disastrous birthday.

Take note – in between this circus of Cherylyn’s crap birthday, tweeters were invited to share their thoughts with the humorous hash tag, including Instagram users.

In this next video is a montage of all fan created work in response to Cherylyn’s videos on her birthday. Let this video speak for itself when talking about audience engagement.

Audience engagement is evident on all of Cherylyn Barnes’ media platforms encouraging connections through transmedia. Below is just a handful.

Sucked in @desireebarnesau LMOA because @hair_by_luke is obsest wit me @ not u LMOA

A post shared by Cherylyn barnes (@cherylynbarnes) on

Fellow BCM112 er’s – You may have taken Cherylyn’s crap birthday videos as an example of multimedia. How ever the incorporation of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube links, along with Twitter hash tags connects audiences and is a display of transmedia. Cherylyn’s interaction with her audience is crucial in keeping followers satisfied as well as reeling more in. Her fame has grown to levels where she is even selling merchandise and now participating in live shows.

Cherylyn Barnes continues to vent about her life struggles and issues throughout many more of her Youtube videos. Go check out her channel!


3 Replies to “Transmedia”

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  2. This is an awesome blog post! The example of Cherylyn is great and really unique! Its important to look at the different social media sites that youtuber’s use to branch out and promote themselves. Your examples and linking to various fans and Cherylyn’s social media is a great way to show the transmedia view of her online persona. Well done!

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