Citizen Journalism

Lets face it – we all pretty much own some kind of a smart device which presents to us many ways to report to the entire world within a matter of seconds. We have the power to produce newsworthy content right in our hands and contribute to an aggregate of user generated intelligence. This meme I created shows the wide expansion of citizen journalism as we all have the ability to participate to news forms. No matter what type of global event on any scale, there is a guarantee that there will be someone covering it, creating such a wide spread of citizen journalists, as mocked in the meme.


4 Replies to “Citizen Journalism”

  1. A really creative meme, it effectively encapsulates the expansion of citizen journalism.Citizen journalism seems to be considered a hindrance by many however welcomed by many others. Your choice of Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s facial expression portray this notion brilliantly. I stumbled across this blog post on the pros and cons of citizen journalism, feel free to check it out: (


  2. Hi!

    I really like your meme! It works really well to represent the large and growing scale of citizen journalism in our society! Although your post was very short i really enjoyed it and i believe it was full of brief and insightful information that can help readers to understand the concept of Citizen Journalism!


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