Online Social Media Persona

On the basis of this weeks lecture about developing your online persona I decided to extend my persona from Twitter to Youtube. So have a look at my online persona extension visually!


10 Replies to “Online Social Media Persona”

  1. This is brilliant.

    Taking the concept of an online persona and displaying it by creating your own online persona is just great.

    One thing that I noticed when viewing this video is that you seem happy to share a lot of personal information online. This is entirely a personal decision but just be sure to remember that once you post something online it is available for anyone to see, both good and bad.

    Feel free to check out the link i have provided below if you would like to know more about sharing information online- including tips on how to ensure you can maintain privacy whilst participating in the creation of online.

    Once again, great work on creating your online identity, this blog post was so on point.




  2. Such a great way to tackle this weeks blog post! I love that you decided to explore the topic of online personas by creating your very own! Your idea will understandably allow you to grasp the concept of online personas through exhibiting your very own. I look forward to seeing the content you produce on your different media platforms!

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  3. Great job on writing week 10’s blog post topic. It’s good to see that instead of just writing a huge wall of text you made a video about the blog topic. In a normal situation I’d say there isn’t enough writing but considering how well this fits with this weeks topic, I most certainly approve!

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  4. I loved how you decided to create your own online persona in the form of youtube videos. Already from your first video you definitely have a gift for it! This even inspired me to create a video, although I’m not as brave as you. Good work!

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  5. I really like your creativity, and the way you did your online persona using YouTube video, you have given me a good idea on how I am going to do mine actually. I know it probably won’t be as good as yours. Good work Mia.

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