3D Printed Wearables

Prior to university I never really had an interest in 3D printing. However, the more time I spent digging into what 3D printing can create, it is safe to say that I am quite intrigued! Upon the topic of digital making I have been literally “wowed” by some of the wearable garments I have come across. Instead of creating a standard post to present some what of a gallery for these creations, I instead decided that I would scratch up on my prezi skills and produce something a little more creative. Enjoy the gallery.



One Reply to “3D Printed Wearables”

  1. This was very well designed prezi! It made good use of the engaging way prezis present information, but probably needed a little more info on each item as a summary. The videos are also very good for showing how the production of these things occur in real life, increasing engagement. All in all, a very good post about 3D printing.


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