Final Project Development

Deciding on a way to show patterns, iteration and algorithms was a no brainer for me – crochet it was. Having grown up with an interest in textiles and surrounded by grandparents and other relatives who all knitted, sewed and crocheted, it was no surprise when I too became engaged by the processes.

Deciding on crochet may seem simple enough, yet it takes on a broad horizon. With so many possibilities to crochet I became over whelmed with potential ideas. To make it easy for myself I made the decision to create something that was pretty. Yes, that is correct. I want to create nothing more than something that is extremely visually appealing and striking. Hence my choice of yarn colours – bright, vibrant and appealing.

Prior to beginning the major project I already had knowledge on how to do an array of crochet techniques. These included slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet. Majority of the patterns I followed were Youtube tutorials that I adjusted to reach different scales and not be a straight out copy. The only additional skill I learnt was how to treble crochet, which was easier than I thought (wrap the yarn around the needle three times).

While it was hard balancing a crochet hook in hand with an iPhone in the other, I did manage to get some photo’s of the work in progress. Here they are:

The inner of one of the flowers.
The back side of a two tiered flower.
Petals are bloomin’!
The beginnings of the cluster.
Growing bit by bit!
Almost there!

The following link contains the Youtube tutorials that I used for inspiration when coming up with patterns to produce each flower:
These crochet artists are amazingly talented, and I credit them on their awesome work which helped build my cluster of flowers!

Here is also my work statement:

Blooms 2015
Mia Majstorovic

In this day and age there is a diminishing value for the hand crafted made by the simplest of materials. Blooms brings to light the capabilities that can be produced by using yarn and exposes the compression of information into physical entities.

The work explores the notion of patterns within the art of crochet. Blooms follows the form of vibrantly coloured flowers hand crocheted in clusters. The individual pieces clustered together reflect a randomized motif from a distance. This aesthetic aims to resemble the inner patterns of a kaleidoscope.

A large contributor to the inspiration of the work is textiles artist Michael Brennand. Blooms remixes Brennand’s floral style but with an organic approach rather than geometric. Combining elements of floral textiles work along with procedural action has fostered a style revolved around visual appeal and exposure of method.


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