Here I am back at it again posting on my blog. Forgive me if I come across as quite rusty, it’s been some time!

So it’s week one of semester one and I’m commencing my second year core subject for BCM. Which inherently gives me the right to introduce myself as a research project developer- woohoo!

I think it’s important to note what it is that has drawn me into studying media and what has kept me on board for a second year (and more to come) – curiosity. A general interest in the field has lead to a desire to acquire more knowledge and as a result formed a sense of curiosity of what to delve into next.

I’m going to keep things simple here in this whole theme of curiosity. I think the best way to describe curiosity visually would have to be through this picture of my lab pup. Say no more….

I am most certain that what drew my puppy into cramming her head stuck in a crate was a desire to reach the ball. Curiosity surely must have played a role in her attempting such a feat.



As we can see here Lola’s curiosity clearly got the better of her (and the worst of me through panic reaching for a saw to release her out).

In my opinion watching a puppy grow up reaches a similar equivalent to that of watching a toddler fumble around. The numerous stages of learning and desire to acquire knowledge, as well valuable lessons are all seemingly relatable.

I’m going to wrap it up here and let you all continue to wonder what on earth my dog was thinking. Oh and here is another picture of Kleenex (Lola), just because I can.


Expect to see more posts soon!



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