Hi there, my name is Mia. I’ve always found describing stuff about myself slightly conceited or too modest. In my own simple fashion, here are several basic things about myself that are vital to know:

  • I am a second year university student at UOW.
  • I am an avid lover of music and any other creative outlet. Fostering some ones creativity is a beautiful and endearing thing. I try to do this as much as possible.
  • I enjoy the simple things in life. Warm days, sleep ins, time with quality people, any thing handmade and good old home made food.
  • Lists are my thing – any challenge, stress or busy day ahead, and you bet I’ll list it.

Another thing I may add here is that I currently have a part time job position in communications for Eden Day Spa Camden. I write a lot of content for the company as well as producing a fair bit of visual content and graphics. Follow my musings, posts and commentary here, as well as their Facebook page here and their Instagram here!

I also run a blog for Eden Spa as well. You can read all my beauty and skin care related posts right here!


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