Mirage, 2016
Found film, nail polish, tulle

Mirage 2016 focuses on film distressing effects along with tactical editing to achieve a sense of rhythm. Mirage draws on the lateral direction of The Lumiere Brother’s Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat 1895. The horizontal movement of the clips channels the lateral course that the train took. Parallel sequence, which is also evident in the Lumiere Brother’s film, has influenced the stylised flow within Mirage. The contrast of rotation between vertical and horizontal clips achieves repetition through augmented reoccurrences. This creates a similarity to the Lumiere Brother’s film, yet also a strong point of difference.
The blur between reality seen on the found footage and illusion seen on the distressed film create an aesthetic that replicates a hallucinatory phantasm. Rhythm is achieved through the varying lengths and shift between these opposite, yet harmonious shots. Directional movement holds the work together and generates a seam blending the various elements of the film together.


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