The audio snapshot by Melanie  shares an area that is isolated yet in a close vicinity to the Innovation Campus. The audio snapshot is packed with numerous sounds such as several bird calls, natural forest related sounds and the sounds of footsteps through foliage. The aim of my photos was to capture the raw, foliage rich environment that contrasts with the close by man made infrastructure.

I was inspired by artist Amanda Thomson’s composition “Field Guide”. I used this as a tool to capture a simple, yet powerful composition for my own work, drawing on her principles when it comes to traditional landscape style images. This is seen through the dense forest and swamp images, capturing the span of the foliage and ecology. The images of such also represent the home of the abundant bird noises heard in the clip.

Overall the tone of the spacial portrait is one that draws on the environmental noises heard in the clip, and also on the unheard of the clip – the man made.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.19.47 pm.png

See the individual images below:

_IGP0762 (1)IMG_6037IMG_6050IMG_6062IMG_6083IMGP0073IMGP0083



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