Shore Thoughts

How to Disappear, produced by A Nice Idea Every Day (Vivien Weyrauch & Fabian Rottger) inspired my vision for Shore Thoughts. Much like A Nice Idea Every Day’s work, I wanted to play with the idea of losing a person in a coastal location. The graininess of the film appealed to me and became a style I wanted to emulate in my own piece. The graininess assimilates with a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia – emotions I wanted to capture within the film, as well as make audiences feel. The natural sounds made from the coastal environment became another sole aspect of my film I wanted to incorporate also.

Back to the Ocean by Rafal Ostrowski is another film that I resonated with. His use of wide shots depicting the scenery at the shoreline, ocean rolling on to the beach and waves foaming created a strong sense of location, which was something I wanted to imbue into my work. The eye level shots he uses is an element I wanted in my own film, to show perspective from the unseen protagonist.

Overall Shore Thoughts embodies those several factors and presents a reflective piece of a woman coming to terms with a lost loved one. Here is a link to my film:




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