I Met My Soul Mate On Tinder?

I’m going to share my experience, an ultimate tale of time, the compelling story of seeking dates online, the one, the only (and cringeworthy when you admit to using it), Tinder.

Ah, the lucrative world of tinder. I couldn’t have come up with a more vain app myself. I know what you’re thinking (ugh, so nasty and full of desperados). I admit (with small amounts of shame, but hey, all us single young ones are on it) that I was a tinder user.

Leor Cohen’s article on the World Attending in Interaction sums up tinder in a quite formal format. It claims that Tinder emphasizes changes in spatial areas “affecting conditions for conversational interaction”( 2015, p. 46 ).

This makes sense as Tinder was so perfectly convenient for me. It literally counts as ‘dating’ from the comfort of bed, home, out and about, without even having to try. It gave me a glimpse of what was out there without any hard work. Such a brilliant blurring of spaces.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.26.57 pmThe weirdos, desperados, creepy 45 year old men who fake their age to be 21, jokers and international guys looking for a quick hook up are a very common site on the app. Countless swipes, disturbing messages and matches are just your average day on tinder. I sought something different – just a regular guy. But these were super rare and I soon realised that this will never be a reality for me on tinder. Sure, you meet a lot of cool and interesting characters, but not long into using tinder you realise that the app is a waste of time and one big disappointment.

Not too long after giving up on tinder, I thought hm, might just give it one last shot and swipe a lil’ more. This tall guy with dark hair matched with me and we began chatting. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but eventually we hit it off! We met up one day at a bar with friends and the rest is history. This guy is Jake and I’m now one lucky girlfriend!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.44.10 pm
Ty Tinder 4 uniting us xoxo (no lame kissy couple photo here)

I don’t want to be that girl who brags and wont shut up about her boyfriend, but to mention Jake is totally relevant in this post. We have now been together for 8 or so months and I owe it all to tinder!

The most ironic thing about meeting Jake on tinder was the amount of mutual friends we have, the fact that we associate with the same areas, work less than a km from each other, spent our weekends at same venues and not even once crossed paths. The power of tinder connecting people. Tinder has got to be doing something right with 26 million matches a day! I wonder to myself if I would have met Jake in other ways.

Would I recommend tinder to single people? Yes I would. Just do not expect much from it at alllllll. Use it with an open mind and have fun. That’s all from me for now about tinder, keep swiping right my friends.


Bertoni, S 2016, ‘Tinder Expands Outside Of Dating With New Group Feature ‘Tinder Social”, Forbes, viewed 21 August 2016, < http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/eds/detail/detail?sid=ff896205-9798-42dd-bf4f-8712a1693ce9@sessionmgr4009&vid=2&hid=4203&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmU=#db=heh&AN=116956824 &gt;.

Cohen, L 2015, World attending in interaction: Multitasking, spatializing, narrativizing with mobile devices and Tinder, ‘Discourse, Context & Media’, vol. 9, no. Communicating time and place on digital media, pp. 46-54, <http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/eds/detail/detail?sid=af28cf18-8908-4ff9-94b2-8c3b7cc22fbc%40sessionmgr4010&vid=0&hid=4203&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmU%3d#db=edselp&AN=S2211695815000392 >.





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