A global nervous system: from the telegraph to cyberspace

We have come a long way the past two hundred years globally, from the first commercial electric telegraph, the first trans-Atlantic cable to 5G networks. With so many periods to cover in the expansion of the global nervous system, I am going to touch on the stage I am most familiar with – the early 2000’s til now.

I remember as a very young child that awful high pitched sound when dialling up. I remember having a fax machine. I remember fighting over who would answer the home phone and playing neopets on a chunky PC (rip </3 ).

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.53.02 pm
Unfortunately this was me as a child … A very dark time

Fast forward 10 years and these mediums are dead. Within the space of a decade I have witnessed first hand a complex digital revolution. I mean, hello, never would I have thought as a child that studying digital media would even be a course option!

The fact that this post is published on an online source, in the most direct and accessible way possible says it all. All the vastness of cyberspace and you are here on my page, reading this post. How times have advanced. Long gone are the days I recall as a child flipping through the newspaper to get to the comics or reading the latest volume of Total Girl (cringe).

The expansion of these information networks has contributed to the metaphorical global nervous system. For the longest time I have been apart of this concept but have had no idea of its existence. I’m going to finish off this mini memoir here but leave you all with this question – What’s your earliest memory of your involvement with this colossal global nervous system?


5 Replies to “A global nervous system: from the telegraph to cyberspace”

  1. Hey Mia! You have really found your voice and i love reading some of your stuff especially the ‘Tinder Soulmate’ (so cute.) I think the earliest memory i had was jamming out to ‘The tide is high’ by Atomic Kittens on my walkman in my front room. haha (going to be honest still jamming out now.) In Ted’s lecture the new york times state that the new type of media such as the telegraph is completely shallow. Do you think this is true? Its sort of supported with the idea that Its too fast for the truth and we cant even respond in a genuine way anymore? What do you think? 🙂

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  2. So many flashbacks to my childhood in one post! I really enjoyed how you narrowed it down to just the last 10 years. My earliest memory was setting up my very first email address to chat to all my friends on MSN (forever cringing at my choice of usernames). It is true that the technology we have today was inconceivable back then. Which begs the question, in 10 years from now what sort of technology will we have? How much further can this global nervous system expand?

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  3. Hey Mia, earliest memory would be waiting 20 minutes for my computer to finally load the desktop to then double clicking something to fast for it to then freeze for another 20 minutes! But I also remember not being too bothered by it, I’d just shrug it off and come back to it, if that happened now I’d be on the phone to Telstra asking for an upgrade. Crazy how impatient we have all become


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