Half way through listening to Ted’s Lecture:

  • Distribution of immaterial labour across networks
  • Information flows 
  • Breaking of borders in fixed time and space
  • We are the surplus value – we are the distributed nodes in that network we add value to them – Serves as connectors. We are essentially doing the work for different site, producing content

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.49.20 pm.png

  • Network coordination is expensive
  • Bigger the network, the more nodes, the slower the feedback

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.49.28 pm.png

  • Information wants to be free- 

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.43.19 pm.png

There you have it. I’ve had an internet crisis all week and it all makes sense now, thanks to Ted’s abstract explanation throughout the first half of the lecture.

Disclaimer: Please excuse that this meme was not made on Imgur. I felt like this was the clearest way to present my scenario. There is still remaining artistic meme integrity despite not using the suggested platform.

Despite the fact that Youtube was completely failing no matter what I tried, I did manage to skim through readings and form somewhat of an understanding.

Mark Deuze and Gregg M seemed to have a lot to say about the convergence of work and life impacting home life.  This “anticipatory labour” creates little to no boundary as individuals in this paradigm.

I’m going to draw on my own experience facing barely any separation from different technologies. I’ve recently picked up a job doing public relations work for a local business. A lot of the work consists of creating and curating content to be scheduled to Instagram. A site we regularly use to schedule posts is Hootsuite.

To schedule posts, you type up  your post online and sync your phone to your account. You then download the app on your phone and receive constant notifications during the day, night and my days off, to post “this post” to Instagram.

Little bit annoying when last thing you want to think about is looking out for your own social media platform, then a whole company’s when you’re at home too. This is just a minor example but it contributes to the main point raised by these author. The distribution of these immaterial labour across networks is accelerating my work and I’m just going to have to embrace it.


5 Replies to “WEEK 4”

  1. oh no! not the dreaded YouTube loading circle! No this is a sign from the YouTube Gods themselves! They are telling you to play snake (their hidden game!)

    Certain Information in my opinion should be free. But who is to decide what should be free and what should be hidden.

    I find it interesting that more and more companies are now scheduling their online post now. I suppose its a good thing as it help you plan out what you want to advertise. Hopefully one day Instagram and other social media sites enable a way to schedule posts instead of the need to use a third party application. I know on Facebook you can schedule posts on a specific date on their Pages.


  2. Hahahaha, exactly what happen to me every time I’m watching YouTube “The Circle of Death”. “Bigger the network, the slower the feedback ” totally agree with that but I’m not sure if this apply to full mesh topology [http://goo.gl/BdCbWT] because every device has a connection to each individual. (I’m probably wrong,)


  3. Having the app notify you so that you post what needed to be posted sounds like you are bleeding your presence. What this means is that you can be physicals here but your brain is elsewhere. Since you said it tells you during the day, night and even on your off days. You can say that this is due to the need to constantly monitor the information that is at hand?

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