Wrapping my head around Attention as a Commodity & the Long Tail Effect

Our attention is so valuable – that’s the one main point I drew from this weeks lecture. With the mass amount of social networking sites fighting for your attention, views, shares, likes and comments a new form of economy has formed. An economy of attention, which trades and grows with your likes, shares, comments, along with your content and what not.

This economy is abundant. The plentiful aggregation of content cries for more specific content. This introduces the concept of niche content.

The notion of niche content ties into the Long Tail effect. The Long tail effect in Anderson’s words looks at less popular goods that are in lower demand. Anderson then believes that these niche goods can increase in profitability as consumers dwell away from conventional markets.

For example, think of vegan e-cookbooks. A vegan diet is not a common practice for the average Joe. However, for the segment of consumers that are vegan, and would be after vegan e-cookbooks, that these individuals within the market are dedicated consumers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.03.39 pm
Don’t say that you haven’t seen this face on Youtube before.

This is where the element of attention draws back in. Take for instance Freelee the Banana Girl. Freelee, the Vegan youtuber practically sells/exposes herself, her brand, her lifestyle while broadcasting online her views, opinions and tips on a vegan lifestyle to foster the exposure of her vegan e-cookbooks (oh, and her message of veganism as well). Ultimately, the more views she gets, the more likes, comments and shares, the more exposure she receives, and finally, higher chance of sales. Our attention becomes a commodity. And it clearly works in Freelee’s favour too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.05.31 pm
Just casually dropping that her ebook is on sale – Although look at those stats…
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.05.45 pm
Shameless self promotion at the start of every video. But who am I to talk, I’ve actually considered buying this book and I ain’t even vegan lol.
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.15.43 pm
More like when you see people following Freelee and realise the effect this has on the Long Tail Effect



8 Replies to “Wrapping my head around Attention as a Commodity & the Long Tail Effect”

  1. You definitely brought in a great example of a niche market while explaining the concept well. One thing you could have gone into more detail is how people can create niches in things that we consider mainstream to stand out a little more. For example, writing a travel blog is pretty common these days so putting even a small spin on it can make it niche. There’s a photographer named Mihaela Noroc and she can be classified as a travel blogger as she goes around the world taking photos and sharing stories with her audience. Her point of difference, however, is her focus on beautiful women around the world of which she takes photos and writes a short bio on them, it’s really interesting and I recommend you check it out: https://www.facebook.com/MihaelaNorocPhoto/?fref=ts


  2. Awesome, enjoyed your blog! I think having a point of difference in your products works to an extent, just like how vegans are attracted to content that relates to their life style. However products are becoming more obscure every day, which is why I think consumers still have a thirst for mainstream material.


  3. I love your example of veganism as a niche market. Although mainstream material will always remain, I think that as the internet keeps developing, more specific markets will continue to emerge and our attention will continue to become increasingly valuable. This post about how valuable our attention is might be of interest to you 🙂 https://markmanson.net/attention


  4. Love your work, good detailing about the long tail and good example by using vegan foods I can relate to that. It is definitely a good way to advertise the product in the video but in every start of the videos I think it’s a little too much and make itself look fake. Also self-promoter give self-promoting a bad name [https://goo.gl/7ERzvh]


  5. excellent post and easy to read. Great example of a niche market of vegan cook books. Our attention is incredibly valuable to many platforms, and as things become mainstream they will create new niche markets. What do you think would become the next niche market for cook books if veganism became mainstream?


  6. You’ve summed it up in your first line – “our attention is so valuable”. The viral success a product, brand or genre can go through, from the pointy end of the long tail effect to the mass media section, is an incredible journey that relies on the support of those of us who are truly fans of the product.


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