Android vs iOS

So this week in DIGC202 we channelled our inner BCM112 classes…

Android vs iOS. We’ve heard it all before. For a brief recap feel free to check out this Prezi! 

In light of the new iPhone 7 launch I thought I’d gather some of the greatest memes I’ve seen so far. In particular, about the removal of the head phone jack and the new ‘tampon without a string’ resembling air pods (yes. I don’t mean to disturb you but I have seen this line floating around very often when it comes to describing the airpods).


Adios to the headphone jack days, tangled cords and AUX cables. Airpods are here to change the interaction between users and the “100 year old” technology. And, like nothing different from Apple (aka 2011’s dramatic lightning cable change), a huge profit market has been introduced by adding features only usable on iPhone 7 onwards.

Interestingly, the airpod is compatible with any kind of phone that has Bluetooth features. So that means that even Android users can use them too. This smart idea knocks down another walled barrier, making Apple a tad more inclusive. However, part of me does not think that this is the real intention behind the airpods. Perhaps it’s too familiarise competitors with what new innovations Apple has to offer.

For a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 (if you’re interested), I’d suggest having a look at this list. 


3 Replies to “Android vs iOS”

  1. OMG, best meme and screen capture ever. I love you presenting you information about Android and Apple by using Prezi [back to bcm112]. Very detailed in comparison and ideology between the two operating systems. I like that you talking about recent apple event, the launch of IPhone7 that took everything a way from the user e.g. head phone jack, ability to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time …etc. I also like how you have future reading at the end of the blog post. Well done ….

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  2. Fun fact: Apple Bluetooth is different to Android Bluetooth! If you try Bluetooth-ing something to an Android device from an Apple one- it most likely wont work.

    I assume these new devices will have the same limiting Bluetooth so it will be reserved for Apple devices only, however it’ll only be a few months and Samsung will match the technology or realise how dumb it is to remove the AUX port.

    Thank you for relating it back to BCM112, I was definitely having war flash backs! haha

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  3. Was just about to inform you about the bluetooth dilemma but Jess beat me too it! I honestly think they have run out of ideas and they are just coming up with stupid things to be different! Earphones with cords fall out of my ears I will have no hope with these! Funny memes you found, heres a link to literally 99 things wrong with the iPhone 7, funny read if you have the time! haha


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