Critical Reflection on my Prototype


The ideas behind my project stem from mirrors and reflections. This has always been something of interest to me ever since studying Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Tunnel in high school. The work really captivated me and inspired the idea behind my mirrored box installation. I want to emulate the reflective lights and multiplying reflections within my own work.

Another work which I find to be truly beautiful is Mirage Pavillion by Studio Nomad. This work also focusses on reflection and tessellation, themes I aim to incorporate within my own work. The work is very immersive and borderline whimsical.  Knowing that this is what drew me in to the work, I knew for sure that these were concepts I definitely want associated with my work.

So, how will my work sync in with media arts?

I’m trying to make my work as simple, yet effective as possible. The mirrored box that I will be creating will invite the audience to peer on it. It will evoke curiosity, similar to that of a wunderkammer. My work also relies heavily on the LED battery operated lights. Without them, my work will really be nothing. Nothing will be illuminated and you would see just darkness.

The outcomes of my prototype were very slim. As I had not constructed it, and rather only had time to purchase materials, I instead presented some sketches of my ideas and pitched these to the class. It seemed to have a decent response with everyone however Jo seemed more concerned. Here are the visuals I sketched up:

The audience were able to relate to my work and understand my intentions through my visual aids. It obviously would have been more effective to have an actual fully functioning prototype, but this was the best that I could produce at the time.

The feedback from Jo was quite hesitant. I’m not sure if she’s confident in my project, but she did have a few alternate ideas, like cutting glass myself and what not. This is something that I am not confident in, and wouldn’t want to risk ruining sheets of glass and then having to buy more. So I will be best off buying smaller sheets of glass if I can find them. This will save me any risk in damaging glass sheets

There is still plenty of work to be done for my major work. I have to check that my measurements are exact so I can purchase wood to build a box base. I will then have to construct the wooden black box (knowing my woodwork skills, it will involve quite a bit of trial and error although I will perfect it once it’s done), glue on the mirrors, install the lights and paint the exterior black (for dramatic effect). There is plenty to be done, however we still have quite a bit of time ahead of us


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