Apple usage in family domains.

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Why focus on Apple?

Throughout my whole life, from as long as I can remember, I have grown up in a time where Apple flourished and became a household name. Apple devices have been very prominent in my home space and every member in my immediate family space own several Apple devices. An interesting pattern in Apple ownership within my family space is the concept that when one person purchases a new device, the next youngest will often receive the older device. This element of my personal history sparked the idea behind my digital story telling project – why do we have such a high turn over rate of Apple products in our family home?

Considering that my family has a vivid assortment of Apple devices, I decided that this would be the perfect topic to cover. I also decided that it would be appropriate as I’m sure that there are plenty of other people who could relate. My objectives within this project was to discover why we go through so many Apple products in a family space and how it impacts on the ways we communicate and spend our time in family spaces. I believe that I met this objective to a good standard by performing my own ethnographic research on my own family. I could have expanded my research by reaching out to other people and their families to further comment on their patterns and choices in regards to Apple usage. Perhaps this would be something to focus on if I were to do this task again.


I constructed my research for this task by reflecting on Apple usage patterns within my own family. I covered the significant Apple purchases that I remember and what I thought about them at the time, versus now with their technological advancements. My own positioning in social ordering influenced and benefitted my research within this topic. Being a millennial heavily involved in Apple technology assisted in topic knowledge, as well as allowing me to add a personal scope within the digital narrative.

Prezi was a fantastic tool to work with as I could customize the layout to aesthetically support the structure of my story. Prezi allows viewers to control the pace of the story and stop/start as they please. It is simple to navigate and work with, which was an additional bonus for myself as the content creator and the audience. Furthermore, Prezi is a tool that can easily be used on Apple products, linking to the concept that the medium is the message.

Learning and development:

Constructing a digital story telling project has contributed to my digital literacy and digital media folio. Like usual, working on such a large project challenged my time management skills but I juggled the work load well through a check list system. The chronological list ensured that I didn’t skip or miss any of the steps. This was extremely useful and entailed that my narrative didn’t miss a thing in my own listed criteria and narration.

I rarely work with Prezi so it was also a great chance to sharpen up my Prezi skillset and work with a more unfamiliar platform. Prezi had certain restraints such as image size, but this was something I learnt to work with and cater for, especially since my project relied heavily on imagery.

Looking ahead:

My digital story will be of great use to me in regards to advancing my Prezi skillset and boosting the range of my own content creation. The ethnographic research I conducted qualitatively on my own family has improved my research skills, compared to how I am normally used to researching. It would be interesting to add to my story in the future when my family adopt more Apple products. It would make for an interesting time line of Apple products over years to come. This could lead to a continual project, rich of personal history with Apple devices and abundant of ethnographic imagery. The research behind the work would be accumulative and primary, leading to a well rounded work.

My final words:

Overall I am happy with my final work and believe that it was a success. It is easy to navigate, has a good balance of text and imagery, as well as personal touches and a consistent narrative pace. I made it as engaging as possible and hope that it encourages others to reflect on moments in life that technology made tis way into the home.




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