Final Work

A snippet of my final work – a reflection from the looking bay (note the position of the phone)

Untitled 2016

Mixed media

Untitled 2016 was inspired by Mitty Kraus’ work Untitled 2011 which involves the use of mirrors, lights and reflections. The notion of mirrors multiplying into infinities has been a concept I’ve always wanted to work with, particularly since my high school years. Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on the Water 2013 evoked the vision I had in mind for my work and hence a smaller appropriated version of her work was developed, resulting in Untitled 2016.

Once the lights are activated you are invited to peer through the gap and see the speckles multiply. The placement of the work in a semi darkened space enhance the brightness within. Changing your position in relation to the box will alter the reflections that you see. The work changes in regards to the audience’s position, yet everything in the box remains stagnant. That’s the magic of the engagement between audience’s members and the optical illusions.


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