What is my Practice? – Week 1

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Determining my practice… where do I start? There are a lot of things I enjoy practising, that I guess you could say that have in turn become my Practice as a communications practitioner. A favourite practice of mine is textiles. In the past I’ve made some awesome projects at home, as well as at uni (you can see my textiles work here and here).

IMG_2175.jpgMy previous Meda Crocheted Flowers Installation

My favourite project would definitely have to be my crocheted flowers, for sure! I crocheted several flowers and accumulated them all to produce a beautiful work. I loved the creative process – deciding colours I was working with, constructing and creating the flowers, physically making them and rearranging them, making my work look the best and most visually appealing that it could. Other favourite projects would have to be the clips that I’ve also produced using other individuals photos and sound pieces. I enjoyed putting MY personal flair and touch and again creating something visually pleasing. I like marking my aesthetic. I also am proud of projects I’ve created such as my clip which was based off old family video tape footage.

I am currently working for a small successful business in South West Sydney, being responsible for their online social communication streams. This involves EDM’s, blog post writing, all different forms of content creation such as developing Facebook posts, Instagram posts, short clips and so on. I am really enjoying this career wise, thus I want to develop my practice in this field.

Key words that describe this field, actions or tasks related to this field, which I use in my practice include:

Content creating, content curating, planning, research, design, style, flair, social media, followers, interaction, insights, reach, image taking, image making, set taking. 

I want to keep pursuing and focussing on taking a piece of work, and tainting it with my flair. This is what I am currently doing with content curation in my communications job position.

Image in Banner courtesy of stock collection from Canva 



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