Research Processes – Building an idea for my Major Work – Contemporary Context – Week 2

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Compile a list of contemporaries in your field or who might inform your research either practically or conceptually.

As my focus is in social media, in particular Instagram, I’ve complied a list of stunning feeds that I really admire and aspire to be.

@sukinskincare –
@katvondbeauty –
@indiehomecollective –

Find a work from these contemporaries that resonates with your project.

Kat Von D Beauty – I love the seamless blend of colours throughout the feed. I’ve taken a screenshot (seen below) just to give a taste of how beautifully curated their feed is. I’d love to create a visually striking feed, preferably on the format of Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.14.16 am.png

Describe the work in detail as if you were reverse engineering it. What skills and knowledge sets are involved? What antecedents does the work evoke? How does it work technically (in the one hand) and conceptually/theoretically (on the other).

Kat Von D Beauty – There would have been a lot of structure, planning and scheduling with the posts, allowing them to seamlessly blend.

Firstly, the team working on the feed would have had a set criteria and ‘game plan’ on posts to find, photograph and curate. They would then seek these images – this would involve a lot of photography, use of sets, back drops and products, use of models + props, suitable lighting, looking for suitable images that all ready exist and so on.

I imagine the use of an app, document or planner of the sort would organise the photos into their seamless colour blend. This would allow one to see in advance how the feed will look. Lots of rearranging would occur along with having to find new images and also culling certain images. After the photos would have been organised into the order of posting, I imagine captions would have been thoughtfully written along with research into suitable, reachable and popular hash tags, to gain traction and traffic to the post.

Identify an practical/material experiment that involves emulating a facet of these works.

A practical experiment/chance for me to emulate such curated and beautiful feeds can be attained through my current work experience in digital media (at the moment I’m currently working for a business that builds branding imagery for salons – instagram + facebook feeds, website, blog posts, email etc). The instagram feeds that I currently structure are @edenspas & @ashleelaura 

I could further extend practice in feed curation by my own personal instagram feed. Although it is a personal feed that doesn’t so much focus on a branding strategy, I am still able to take and curate my own images.

How do the works fit within a wider series of works, how does this work fit within the artists wider Practice/Practices?

Kat Von D Beauty – Interesting question – the instagram feed fits into a wider series of branding. Their instagram (IG) feed is just one strand from what I imagine is an extensive team of marketers and branding experts. The Kat Von D Beauty IG feed is just one element of their branding. I am not surprised that Kat Von D would have such a striking and artistic feed, as she is an artist herself (make up and tattoo).

How is that practice situated in relation to other contemporaries?

Kat Von D Beauty – Compared to other contemporaries in this field I would say that the feed has a lot of care and structure into it. They have a HUGE following (3.1mil) so it’s safe to say that they are WAY UP in the game, and top of their league for beauty feeds.


Image in the banner courtesy of Time –



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