Finding Hero’s and Inspirations – Week 3

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A hero in my field – Chriselle Lim

I don’t have one hero/inspiration in particular, however there are quite a few social influencers + brands that really inspire me and look up to. In saying that, if I had to pick one person in particular, it would have to be the ever so chic Chriselle Lim. 

Chriselle’s work is quite multifaceted. With an emphasis on fashion, lifestyle and inclusion of family and motherhood Chriselle emulates everything I’d want to associate myself with. Chriselle has it ‘down pact’ – juggling a growing career and family life, all while maintaining a particular digital status yet keeping it so real. Her work ranges from fashion blogging, Instagramming, Youtubing and Snapchatting. Throughout these platforms we see an insight into I guess you would say her curated world, versus the authentic and spontaneous world. Each platform (aside from Snapchat) is highly run on content production and curation. There is a set tone and theme in each of of her platforms (again, you could exclude Snapchat from this) – clean, crisp, stylish and timeless. Most posts are based around lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Chriselle is a pioneer in her field as she has differentiation from other people doing ‘the same thing’ – and that is timelessness. One thing I’ve always admired about Chriselle is that she isn’t a one to follow trends, phases or crazes. This is what over years of following has kept me so enthralled.

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Screenshot from Chriselle’s Instagram feed, @chrisellelim

Chriselle as a pioneer in her field

Chriselle’s practice is definitely on top and ahead of the industry. She would definitely be a pioneer in the digital fashion + lifestyle world. I remember years ago watching a Michelle Phan video that featured Chriselle Lim. I am shocked to find out that this was 8 years ago! Eight years ago Youtube was the big, bright and brand new platform. It wasn’t long until I was then following Chriselle. I don’t remember there being anyone else online quite like her! Now, the online fashion, beauty and lifestyle world is saturated. Throughout all of these online bloggers, youtubers and so on, Chriselle still stands out and brings in a bountiful amount of views. She is 100% excellent in her field. This opinion is not just held by myself either – her success is documented throughout other visionaries. Articles, reviews, other influencers, designers, events, magazines and so on have critically acclaimed her for her style and online presence. Seriously, there is so much on her! Here are a few articles worth checking out:

One thing I really do appreciate about her feeds is the audience. Unlike a lot of other influencers, the people following aren’t all typical young, hardcore over the top fans. They are people who appreciate her work and are always impressed by her content. I really enjoy being apart of this community.

3 Quick and easy Fancy Toast Recipes – A ‘taster’ of some of Chriselle’s Youtube Video

Some Background Info

An excerpt of an interview with Chriselle from Hey Mama:

I started off as a stylist; I was an editor at a local luxury magazine, Genlux magazine. I pretty much was on the traditional fashion editor path. Then I met Michelle Phan. I met her about 8 years ago and had no idea about anything digital related. At that point either you were on YouTube or had a blog. Michelle introduced that digital world to me. There really wasn’t anyone doing fashion on YouTube. I uploaded my first YouTube video 6 years ago, and the response was insane. I had 500,000 views overnight!! This was just me, without having a following. I saw a need and a want from people for this kind of digital content; curated content. A lot of girls on YouTube were posting about things that they bought, and it was very young content. I’m a little older, I’m 30 now. I really focused on the curated elevated content angle. I saw a huge need for it and a big gap in the editorial world and digital world and I ran with it. Our videos became an overnight hit. From there I started the blog.   It was a little bit of right timing, and it was unique content at that time. The combination of those two things made it a success.

Core Values

  1. Chloe + Allen ( I know that this is unrelated to everything I’m studying but I know through watching her content that 100% she’d say this!).
  2. Stay Chic.
  3. Timelessness, crisp, clean & crisp.
  4. Elegant, class, classics & clean lines.


Digging Deeper

Chriselle’s work place is serious goals. Her down town LA office space is everything you’d imagine a fashion and life styles b/vlogger’s to be. It’s light, airy and ever so stylish (so I’ve seen from glimpses of her snapchats). There seems to be an open space for shoots, designing and so on. I know for sure that there is a team of strong women involved too. The Chriselle Factor is more than just Chriselle’s creative initiative, but a team of women behind her too. Together they all form a wonderful collaborative force, churning out top quality content.

In Seminar task – Brief development of a mindmap that reflects Chriselle:



Banner image courtesy from the Chriselle Factor


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