Building Brands on Instagram

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A key element within cybercultures and social media is branding – personal, business and so on. My digital artifact is solidifying key branding features, content creation & content curating for the Instagram feed @edenspas. This is the Instagram account of Eden Spa, a luxury day spa in Camden. I am going to establish firm branding concepts, themes, designs, tones and basic social media marketing essentials for this Instagram feed by developing branding framework, which will be applied in the content creation and curation. I am going to document the resources I create to organise the feed, via my WordPress blog.

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Screenshot of the feed I am curating, @edenspas


An opportunity to develop my skills as a Social Media Content Creator, Curator & Marketer:
Creating tools and framework for content creation and curation will enhance the quality and quantity of posts to the account I am working for. Not only will it develop my skillset but also be a benefit to my workplace. By using and following on through with these frameworks in my workplace, I will also have access to industry professionals who will be able to apply their input. This will hopefully produce a well-rounded result and an even more structured and objective driven Instagram feed.

Social Media Marketing is the way of the future:
As of 2013 the number of social media users increased by 18% (Kasian-Lew 2014, p. xvii). Imagine this figure now… Wow! An astonishing 6 in ten online adults (between the ages of 18 – 29) use Instagram (Pew Research Centre 2016) and 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, with a staggering 31% claiming to use the platform several times a day (Wordstream 2017). With an enormous amount of individuals accessing social media, in particular, Instagram, the potential exposure and a chance to develop a brand for businesses is absolutely incredible.

Instagram is changing the way that we connect with one another, and especially businesses. It offers the chance to socialise businesses and enforce branding values. In fact, users on Instagram will engage with Brands 10 times more than on Facebook (Schaffer 2016). This statistic alone clearly indicates why content creation, curation and marketing on Instagram is so effective and necessary, and therefore relevant to study for my digital artifact.

In a contemporary society, we no longer visit a businesses website to read about them and their products/services – we opt to social media. A recent study actually discovered that 54% of Milenials have even purchased products after viewing them on Instagram (The Drum 2015) – hence the advantage of promoting products on the platform.

Additional benefits of curating and creating content on Instagram include:

  • A platform to drive product and service development.
  • Develop a relationship with clients/customers.
  • An extra source to reach clients/customers with their enquiries.

Furthermore, Instagram as a platform for social marketing allows for measurable analytics, especially useful for results driven posts. You can find out the specifics about the wealth of metrics here.

The How

So, just how am I going to keep up with consistent brand driven content for the Instagram feed? So far, these are my ideas:

  • Session on brand discovery and identity – Creating a brand mood board that identifies the vibe of Eden Day Spa. Through this, I will further establish the business’ point of difference and brand positioning (how people perceive Eden Day Spa). At the end of this session (undecided whether I document this via a film clip, pinterest board linked to a blog post etc) I will create a criteria of images to source in relation to the brand. I will nail 3-4 key terms that represent the brand, and from then on target content that is specifically related. The objective with this is to build a couple strong branding touch points and brand positioning.


  • Session on effectively reaching our target stakeholders – The biggest stakeholders in Instagram marketing is our followers. I’m thinking of holding a session that documents my research in appropriate hashtags, comments, tagging/mention handles in posts and reposting to effectively reach our targeted stakeholders. This session would most likely be documented via a prezi report, fact sheet designed by myself or straight to the point blog post. I will also touch building rapport with followers & interaction.


  • Session on seeking appropriate content – In this session I’ll demonstrate how to effectively seek and find brand-relevant content. This includes images, videos and so on. I will touch on the important of recognising the initial poster in your new caption.


  • Session on developing a driven Instagram post schedule – Documenting how I’ll develop a stunning feed. I will touch on overall design features, the ’30-60-10 ratio (30% of content should be your own content , 60% curated content (content other than your own, such as relatable photos etc and 10% your own promotional/advertising content).


  • Session on measuring results – This session will focus on deciphering analytics + metrics, and how to take on board results to better your feed.

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7 Replies to “Building Brands on Instagram”

  1. So far, it looks like you are approaching the assignment from a corporate / business brand perspective. It could be interesting to explore how personal branding and corporate branding can intertwine, specifically with paid to advertise posts by social influencers. Can guarantee you, this is a really interesting topic to research. Key questions to look at in this area are what makes a social influencer successful; do the paid posts need to be curated to the audience, or does that even make a difference?; how do followers engage differently to influencers who are open about whether they are paid or not for posts?

    My project last session was about brands and social media. Not sure if it would have much crossover because I didn’t look too closely at specific platforms, but might be worth a scan.


    1. P.S. Your font on the site is really small. From a web designer perspective, this is likely to deter readers because it takes more effort to read. For an example of an ideal font size look at any article based news source and see what their general article font size is.


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