Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital

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An excerpt from the MAAS:

Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital explores the increasingly important role of digital manufacture in contemporary art, science, fashion, design and architecture.

The exhibition features works by more than 60 artists, designers and architects from around the world including Barry X Ball, Zaha Hadid, Iris van Herpen and Ron Arad, as well as works from Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and objects from the MAAS collection. Out of Hand will examine the place and impact of digital technology in the design and production of objects, recognising that many techniques have emerged from past ideas and are now defining new possibilities, understandings and expectations.

An assortment of my thoughts prior to the excursion:

  • Take note of the specific themes present in the works. The themes include
  • When viewing the works, take note of how they could be reverse engineered.
  • Look out the window of the exhibition itself – see what I can take from other areas of the museum.
  • The assessment involves thought and answers for these following points – so make sure that I am on the ball and absorbing in everything around me:
    • What is its intention? What are the research, development and making processes involved? How is the final outcome of the project? Research the central ideas the maker/ designer/ artist is exploring, and how is he/ she experiment with existing and new technologies, and his/her evaluation of the work exhibited?

Banner image courtesy of the MAAS website, https://maas.museum/event/out-of-hand-materialising-the-digital/the-exhibition/#/proces


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