Further Research & Realisation – Week 5

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Given my current position in social communications and brand development, I am steering towards a major work that’ll allow me to expand on my skill set. Here’s a list I created from a brainstorm, that I’d like to intertwine with my major work:

Here’s another feed that I am feeling really inspired by, @sukinskincare

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.45.22 am

A key element in this feed is consistency – this is what has built up such a visually appealing feed and thus developed thorough branding. They’ve nailed their brand positioning (how the public perceives them – a skincare line for younger women, who look after themselves and who love natural products) through the select use of images. All the images and colour palettes tie into each other, creating a seamless blend as you scroll through their feed. The use of the border around every image creates a point of difference when compared to other Instagram feeds. And can I say – what they’re doing it works; I use this skin care line.

I’m interested in the notion of cultural branding – an idea by Douglas Holt, from an excerpt in the Harvard Business Review. He states:

Iconic brands are cultural innovators: They leapfrog the conventions of their categories to champion new ideologies that are meaningful to customers. As a result, they enjoy intense customer loyalty and superior sales and profits, and garner loads of free media coverage. In business, few achievements are more prized than creating an iconic brand. Yet the two dominant branding models are not designed to do the job.

This quote by Holt is the key reason for my role in digital communications at Eden Spa – to create a fabulous feed that:

a. Creates customer loyalty, sales + profits.
b. Provides a space for coverage.
c. Further establish a kick ass brand!

I want to emulate this with my major works and in my work place, as strongly as I can!

Holt also really touches on crowd culture – interesting quotes to keep in mind:

  • By targeting novel ideologies from crowdcultures, brands can find a way to stand out.
  • To brand effectively with social media, companies should target crowdcultures. Today, in pursuit of relevance, most brands chase after trends. But this is a commodity approach to branding: Hundreds of companies are doing exactly the same thing with the same generic list of trends. It’s no wonder consumers don’t pay attention. By targeting novel ideologies flowing out of crowdcultures, brands can assert a point of view that stands out in the overstuffed media environment.

Why focus on branding on Instagram?
A survey of participants from 35 countries showed that 50% of social media users are connected to brands, 42% had a conversation with a brand on social media, and 36% posted content about a brand or a company on social media (InSite Consulting, 2011).



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