Project Pitch

Throughout the last few weeks I have amalgamated a mass amount of information and content in relation to a potential project. I focussed on areas I am passionate about, such as content creation, curation, and branding, particularly on Instagram. After careful consideration, I have developed a potential project which unites those notions, along with the notion of materialising the digital. I present to you my project pitch – materialising metrics and analytics from Instagram posts for @edenspas, into something visually beautiful and complex.

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My idea is to collect data and metrics from several Instagram posts, and then produce a physical work from these statistics. I will materialise a range of data, numbers, statistics, targets and numerical goals that certain posts from @edenspas receive. The specific statistics I want to materialise include: impressions, followers, age ranges, top locations, the percentage of male/female followers, times and days followers are most active, the amount of new followers, the amount of likes, profile views, website clicks, views on stories and so forth.

With these figures, I intend to turn them into something beautiful – essentially, turning something boring, like metrics, into something visually appealing. Much likea artist Nathalie Miebach, I’d like to transform metrics and patterns into something beautiful, like how she converted these into incredible sculptures and musical scores.

I intend to do transform metrics and patterns into something beautiful by establishing a set of rules & constraints. Each different figure/statistic etc will match/line up to a rule, and then this will be depicted via a certain action and choice of medium. So far, I am thinking of working with textiles, possibly embroidery or cross stitching. Different actions will include cross stitch, long stitch, different methods of embroidery), and different choices of medium will include different types of cotton thread, for eg colour, texture and so on.  I need to determine values so that each different group of numbers, metrics, statistics gathered from a certain post, will indicate a type of action to take with the cross stitch. The goal is to create a series of visually appealing embroidery pieces that materialise the digital numerical values.

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