Brand Discovery & Identity

The purpose of this article is to really rock solidly identify and establish Eden Spa’s brand, ‘vibe’ and identity. By doing so, I can further my expertise in my social communications role for the business.

I kicked off this task with a simple exercise to really round up Eden Spa’s difference and targeted brand positioning. I narrowed down their point of difference to these key points:

Blog Titles for MEDA (2)

With this in mind, I can further cement the business’ brand via Instagram through related content. With selected content, I can ensure that clients/customers see the business through a certain light, make certain connections/associations to the brand and therefore create a perception of the brand = brand positioning.

In order to aid my roundings in this task, I went ahead and created a brand mood board. The purpose of this is to collect words, images and colours that evoke something from an individual viewing them. It’s a visual language that gains clarity and builds the essence of the brand. I went right to town with this task! Here are some snippets of the brand mood board I created on Pinterest. I came across some beautiful images from some wonderful creatives. Of course, all rights are their’s, however, I just had to share my findings.

Blog Titles for MEDA (3).png

You can see a common denominator between these individual pieces of content, to the business’ point of difference. The majority of the images look professional, are clean and crisp, plus they feature elements within the day spa – crisp foliage, skin care ingredients, a calm place and a selection of products to pamper yourself with at home.

From looking at just this mood board alone, I can determine a feed that is concerned about wellness and lifestyle themed posts. Included in this theme is cool light colours, an appreciation for the simple things in life (such as flowers, foliage, hot baths and cups of tea), along with pops of fun + colour here or there, and above all, relaxing + appealing imagery – content that will resonate with our target market. Voila, I’ve solidified the business’s Instagram identity.

This is the image required to transfer to clients minds, to develop a brand positioning (keep in mind, this is just one element of Eden Spa’s brand positioning – their social media content, aimed to reach clients via a more personal relatable level). The aim of this feed is to keep a unique impression in the client’s minds, so that the client associates something specific and desirable with the Eden Spa brand, that is distinct from competitors.

So, what now? From this point, I’m going to determine 3-4 key terms/pieces of criteria that I must seek, in order to keep this identity firm throughout the feed. In order for content to remain consistent with the businesses point of difference and estimated positioning, it must:

Blog Titles for MEDA (4).png


Tune into my next blog post to see how I take these points on board and target our desired clientele.

Banner image courtesy of Kinlake –


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