Effectively reaching stakeholders/followers

It’s one thing to just post content for your business, but then it’s totally another thing to make sure it meets suitable individuals and gains some traction. I always like to keep on top of trends when it comes to the feeds I manage, as well looking into ways to reach my local community to come across future stakeholders.

Hashtags can be a touchy subject – some can’t stand them and think they look tacky, yet they are a fabulous tool for creating content channels. Much like the ground breaking Memex, hashtags follow a similar concept of connecting a trail of associated data (you can read up on my blog post about this here).

Here’s a little fact sheet I’ve produced, which highlights crucial features to attract desired followers and potential clients. This infographic will be a great visual tool to keep my self on track within my field.DIGC335 INFOGRAPHIC ON HASHTAGS.png

Banner Image thanks to PEXEL – https://www.pexels.com/photo/space-gray-iphone-6s-near-green-pineapple-fruit-beside-silver-laptop-computer-185348/


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