Sourcing, finding & creating brand related content

In this session I will be touching on how to source appropriate & brand related content for your feed. Doing so is crucial as it:

a). Depicts your business’ strategy and vision.
b). Creates a clear and straightforward visual style.
c). Builds familiarity and relationship with your audience.
d). Is the image that represents and echoes the nature of your brand.

Going forward, I am going to cover the ways in which I seek appropriate brand related content for @edenspas, listing specific content ideas for Instagram feeds and the specs for creating your own content.

1. How I seek appropriate brand related content

There are several ways in which I seek and collect suitable content. These are the strategies I have adopted that provide the feed with beautiful content:

  • Boards on Pinterest – I find Pinterest as a great starting point for gathering content as I can create multiple boards for certain types of content that I’m after. It also ensures consistency with the content I am collecting and eventually posting. Pinterest also provides a visual on how the images may look when collated in a feed. When saving images from Pinterest to a file for uploading, I always make sure to save the file name as the source of the image. This way, I can mention the creators handle, boosting exposure for them, as well as for @edenspas.
  • Other social platforms like Facebook – Facebook is another great source as it can provide direct image content from products we use in the spa, as well as user-generated content when clients check into Eden Spa with their images they have in the post.
  • Regramming other Instagrammer’s content – Majority of the content on @edenspas is ‘regrammed’ from other Instagrammers. The best practice for regramming often involves asking for permission, avoiding any alterations/edits and of course, mentioning the original poster in the caption.
  • Sourcing and creating my own content (see part three below for specific details).

2. Specific content ideas

I find that we best way to find content when ideas are running dry is to utilise topics from the following categories:

  • Promotions – Followers love finding out that their favourite day spa/salon/hair bar have an exciting offer on show. Here’s an instance when a promotion posted on Instagram hit it off with likes, and resulted in several followers/clients coming in to purchase vouchers and mentioning they found out by the Instagram post:
  • Videos – In the first 6 months of Instagram launching the ability to upload 15-second videos on Instagram, video usage jumped up by 40%! Now videos are extended to 60 seconds which allows for optimal viewing time.
  • Throwbacks – Throwbacks, in particular, #TBT is so popular as it is nostalgic and brings the chance to reminisce.
  • Giveaways – Fantastic to create brand awareness, as often giveaway protocol calls followers to like, share and tag a friend in the comments. This expands reach and impressions without the middle man (a.k.a. paid advertisements).
  • Before and Afters – No better way to show off our services other than with actual photographic evidence!
  • Behind the scenes content – Yes Eden Spa is a brand, but we’re real people too that develop relationships with our clients. People are nosy, and like to see this side! Here’s an instance where a behind the scenes clip really hit it off.
  • Incorporation of daily hashtags – #MondayMotivation, #TakeMeBackTuesday/#TransformationTuesday#TravelTuesday, #WisdomWednesday/#WellnessWednesday, #ThrowbackFriday/#ThursdayThoughts, #FeelGoodFriday, #SaturdayShenanigans and #SundayFunday.
  • User generated content – This involves content created/posted by clients/followers. User generated content is great as it’s a matter of the individual promoting the brand, rather than us doing it ourselves.
  • Relevant and inspiring quotes – These tend to be a huge hit on the @edenspas feed, as they often pull into the wants and needs of our followers, therefore strengthening our relationship with them and connection.
  • Story posting – Disappearing content that can de be displayed for a limited time only.
  • Shouting out – Mentioning other Instagrammer’s handles in captions creates a higher performing post as it can garner a larger reach. In the scenario below I mentioned one account’s fabulous work and used it tie in services that we provide.

3. Specs for creating your own content

I am a firm believer in the 30-60-10 ratio when it comes to Instagram posting. Basically, 30% of content should be your own content, 60% curated content (content other than your own, such as relatable photos etc, and 10% your own promotional/advertising content. This ratio placement has proven to be successful on @edenspas.

Photos – When it comes to taking my own produced photos, there are a couple simple yet effective tips I always practice. These include:

  • Brilliant Lighting! Sure, I may not have a professional set up with bright synthetic lighting to illuminate products, but I make the most of natural lighting. I prefer the light from early mornings and late afternoons when the sun isn’t as harsh.
  • Clear point of focus – If I am taking a product specific photo I do not like overcrowding the image, as it can lead to taking away from the purpose of the photo.
  • Incorporate props – Sometimes when I’m feeling that a photo is just too bland, I’ll incorporate a prop, whether that may be a couple flowers, delicate pieces of jewellery or a few pops of greenery. It has to compliment the photo, rather than deflect from the main purpose.
  • Minimal edits and filtering – As mentioned in session one, in order to keep consistency throughout the feed I established a set criteria to the theme, tone and appearance of the content (you can catch up on this here). To achieve these outcomes, it is best practice to avoid unnecessary filters and over editing content. It is easy to get carried away with filters and lose the consistency of the initial tone.

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