Breakdown of Instagram Metrics

In this session, I’ll be covering the most essential metrics and analytics to know when using Instagram as a branding tool. I will note what they are, discuss their importance/relevance and how you can judge its performance against your content. I feel like this topic is very beneficial to highlight as not only is it a refresher for myself, but also a great tool for anyone trying to decipher basic metrics.

Simply put, impressions are the total number of times your posts have been seen. Impressions basically counts how many times the content appeared on someone’s feed. Impressions also count for any multiple views that a single person/account may have seen the content.

Reach shows you the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. 

Engagement is a real measure of the brand’s performance and connection with viewers/followers. Engagement on Instagram is measured via a culmination of likes and comments. They are an indication that people are interested published content.

Like – Indicates that people are quite literally liking what they are seeing/and that they resonate with it too.

Comments – Again, indicates that people resonate and are enjoying the content.

Here is a snapshot of the engagement on @edenspas. After only posting every day or so in April and the start of May, our engagement has declined. Re-implementing a posting schedule of 2-3 posts a day should increase the figures below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.22.19 pm.png

Another useful metric to determine engagement is measuring it against followers. This can be achieved by total engagement in a time period divided by total followers.

In this case, the total engagement from 1-25 May is 1,900. With 1,488 followers, this is an engagement rate of 127%.

A reliable metric for brand awareness is through followers. Follower growth rate will reveal just how much individuals are becoming aware of a brand/business online. The snapshot below reveals the current followers from 1-25 May 2017 against the follower growth rate in 6-30 April 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.27.07 pm.png


Follower growth per month can be determined through another metric. To gain this figure, you must get the number of followers at the first and last date of measurement. In this case, followers from 1st May to the 25th May. Then, using the figure on the last date (the 25th), subtract the number from the first date (the 1st May):

1488 – 1436= 52

Then, divide 52 by the number of followers at the start of the month.

52 / 1436 = 0.03%

Therefore, 0.03% has been the percentage of follower growth in May.

Website clicks
The number of URL click throughs will often determine how many call to actions have been followed through. With recent posts containing “book now, link in bio”, this is a metric to discover how many people have clicked through in the span of a week.


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