Results from “Does awareness of HECS play any part in enrolment decision-making?” – Survey

Thank you again for your participation and honesty when answering the questions for my BCM research report on HECS-HELP. Unfortunately the results are currently unavailable. Please check back on this link from May 30th onwards to see the results. Thank you.


Does awareness of HECS play any part in enrolment decision-making? How?

Three full days a week from my schedule are spent at university. This does not include the copious amount of hours behind the scenes completing assignments, following up on readings and balancing study with many thoughts and priorities on my mind. Needless to say, university consumes a large proportion of my life right now. With …


Here I am back at it again posting on my blog. Forgive me if I come across as quite rusty, it's been some time! So it's week one of semester one and I'm commencing my second year core subject for BCM. Which inherently gives me the right to introduce myself as a research project developer- …